Maintenance contracts

Custom packages to match your needs

We understand that everyone needs a different level of support so you’re not tied into specific packages with us.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help so just drop us a line and we’ll talk through your requirements and put a proposal together for you.

UK WordPress Experts

Not only are we experts in the field but our local WordPress developers are here in the UK – no outsourcing to India, no communication barriers and absolute control both in the quality and security of our work.

Get in touch today if you would like to talk about a maintenance package for your website and we’ll put a custom quote together for you.

OpenCart – Magento

If your website is running a complex E-Commerce system such as OpenCart or Magento then it could benefit from regular attention to ensure the security and reliability is there for your clients.

Custom development

If we’ve developed a custom website, custom WordpPress plugin or any other custom web application for you then you may wish for us to put a maintenance package together for you.

As the internet changes and evolves so too might the requirements of your custom development with feature requests, new threats that need to be secured against or supporting the latest WordPress version.

Whatever is is, we’re here to help.


A membership website is likely to have a lot of complex elements as well as a high volume of users which combined make a maintenance package highly valuable.

Take feedback from your users and send it to us so that we can tweak the UI, fix any bugs and implement new features to keep the website running smoothly with no frustrated users and watch your membership grow.

Our Clients