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Flexible support packages to support you and your business to remain live, active and happy. As we cater to a number of services which vary in support options, we are happy to build a support package that suits you based on your business demands, with the options to utilise ad-hoc support on request to defined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to ensure you’re never out of touch at any point.


While helping our clients to support cloud technology, most applications can now be managed remotely, which means costs can be kept to a minimal and we can provide support anytime anywhere 24/7. We will help you leverage the most out of today’s modern concepts to support your business to ensure you’re always safe and secure while remaining optimised for business performance. Get in touch to hear more.


Spotlight appreciate while we can resolve most problems without having to be there with you, sometimes it’s simply required to be there to ensure all is working in a defined agreement to ensure your business is never out of reach and to match your expectations. Engineers can be there to resolve issues and new support plans can be defined to help minimise any risk for your organisation.


Not only do we understand outsourcing your support may be the most optimal way to operate your business, if you would like to invest further in your people we can help deliver on-going training to support and advise how to best utilise and continue to operate your systems once they’re live. From website content management to understanding the administrative setup of Office 365 we are here to ensure you can run your business your way and provide expert consultancy and support along the way.


Keen to focus on specialised support and an on-going project to help further and develop your business in to the business you’ve always desired? Let us help consult and support you in to how today’s leaders are leveraging today’s technology to transform their ideas in to reality.

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