ROI focused

Business Solutions

Consultative Approach

For companies that would like a more consultative approach, our business solutions offer a much more involved approach to web design.

We will usually come to your office, sit with you and meet with key members of staff to get a complete overview of your company, priorities and exactly what you are looking for with your website both in terms of looks and functionality.

In depth proposal

We’ll spend a day putting together a complete, in-depth proposal based on this consultation. We’ll outline any concerns we have and advise you if we think there is a more appropriate direction, especially if it might save you money that could be better invested elsewhere.

This report might still recommend that we start the process with one of our turnkey solutions, but if you’ve requested it then we’ll be sure to include a quote for a completely bespoke website built from the ground up, too.

Dedicated Artist

If you opt for a bespoke solution then we’ll assign you your own dedicated graphic designer to work with your and your team and come up with the perfect look for your project.

This phase usually takes between two and six weeks depending on how many tweaks and changes need to be made, before it’s sent off to our development team for completion.

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