Unleash the power of your pdf


Your readers won’t need to install any specific viewing software to see your flipbooks. The final product supports all modern browsers, so readers can just click the link to open your document. If you allow it they’ll also have the option to download the PDF version as well. You can rest assured that your readers will always see the document in the way you intended.

Upload your PDF

Use any PDF with up to 2,000 pages. We’ll take care of the rest.

A touch of magic

We’ll prepare your document along with any associated media.

Upload to web host

We’ll provide you with the files or upload it to a desired FTP location.

Share It

Embed into your website, Facebook feed, or send links out directly.

White Label

Why not have publications produced which are 100% exclusive to your brand without being tied to a subscription. They are even hosted on your domain so no need for external cloud services or the associated monthly hosting fees!

Smartphone and Tablets

Your documents will open and load quickly on any iOS or Android mobile device. We tailored the HTML5 mobile version for the screen of any size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems.

Table of Contents

Each flipbook is conceptually made for those who value professional appearance and comfortable reading. That is why we DO NOT flatten our PDF’s which means all text is selectable and if you’ve used links or a contents page this can be utilised by your readers.

Rich Media

Having impressed the reader with the realistic page-flipping animation, you can completely knock them out with embedded videos, sound, flash content, popup images and links to other pages, shop products or other relevant websites.

Visitor Analytics

Track visits and other data with Google Analytics to be aware of your publication’s popularity.

Access Control

Prevent your publication from being displayed on other domains, encrypt the content and even password protect files for an additional layer of security





100% Your Brand
Custom Loading Screen
Animated Previews
Realistic Flipping Experience
Smartphone & Tablet Compatible
SEO Ready
Table of Contents
Rich Media*
Google Analytics
Access Control / Security
Offline version PC/Mac (+£5)
Monthly Subscriptions
Pricing (per flipbook)£40+VAT*£60+VAT*^£75+VAT*^

^ First instance of the flipbook incurs an additional £75+VAT* which is the cost for creating a branded viewer
*Rich Media: Each publication comes with up to 5 instances of Rich Media (popup images, sound and video embed from URL). Additional instances will be extra.
Note: For multiple publications please get in touch for pricing.

For more information please get in touch